Thread: Introduce Yourself! I will begin with myself

Thread: Introduce Yourself! I will begin with myself

I have been component of numerous discussion boards across the interwebs plus they very nearly also have kind of introduction area or perhaps a thread.

And so I figured we are in need of one too. I will begin with myself.

I am Jesse, we currently live in Louisville, Kentucky(I’m sure many people don’t have any basic concept where this is certainly). I will be a Graphic Designer and focus on computers within my time for additional money and currently work with an automobile and publication that is outdoor and been doing that for happening 4 or more years now. Once I’m no longer working we additionally enjoy visiting the horror that is occasional meeting if i will manage to do this.

I like long walks from the beach plus. simply joking.

I’ve been a horror movie fan for a lot of a years, my uncle provided me with my very first horror film Hellraiser back at my fifth birthday celebration. It scared the shit away from me personally and I also provided it back again to him and then later reclaim it years. Ever since then it really is helped mold me into the weirdo that i will be today by having an obsession that is healthy every thing zombie.

We absolutely loved playing Left 4 Dead in my own free time with my gf legs from me personally fighting alongside me personally. Therefore if other people right here enjoys blasting zombies in the facial skin and performs on PC, go ahead and content me personally for my Steam username and now we could possibly get a casino game going.

I additionally love we are Alive, it is just what the zombie genre needed(The Walking Dead included). Well that is all i must state for now, desire to hear through the remainder of you dudes on right right here.

I am Jon, im two decades old and are now living in Escondido, California (yet another place we’m certain a lot of people have no idea about.) I am a scholar learning how to be an EMT (Emergency healthcare specialist.) Im additionally a time that is full who plays game titles just like the Warhammer 40k Dawn of war series and a lot of shooter Games in the PC *im additionally on Steam* Im additionally Norwegian but since i came to be in the US i never ever surely got to discover the language but I really hope to alter that sometime quickly.

and apart from providing you with my entire life story i’ll end it right here.

Heh I get so embarrassed whenever I introduce myself.

Hello! I am Lee (22) and I also work with an ongoing business called Reiker Inc. We manufacture computer chips and circuit boards for different organizations mostly computer chips for airplanes. We additionally work part-time within my local GameStop as a game title Advisor (which is just a name that is fancy product product Sales Associate or Cashier). I happened to be born and raised in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania and have always been presently nevertheless surviving in the hellhole of a town. We invest nearly all of my spare time playing Final Fantasy XI while streaming “we are Alive” back at my xbox 360 console (PM if you would like us to include you additionally have a PSN). I like cooking and I also love Italian meals! (Geez how can you perhaps perhaps maybe not get this appear to be a personals advertising?)

ah you do not, we are alive would be the brand new title for a hot dating website. seems pretty catchy for me.

Therefore, whenever I had been 3 or more dad decorated our apartment for a Halloween celebration he and my mother had been having. An element of the design had been a stuffed zombie who sat from the settee called George. George had been a couple of my father’s clothes, filled with various fabric things and a actually terrible zombie mask. The day after George ended up being placed together and set from the settee my moms and dads woke up to get me personally sitting on George’s lap viewing my early morning cartoons. And thus my passion for all plain things zombie came to be.

Several other enjoyable facts I just really like moving to new places and experiencing different cities) about me: * I’ve lived in 7 states and 17 cities (not a military brat,. I am considering going to town #18 (Phoenix, AZ) by the end associated with summer time to back go) to university to have a qualification in secondary training where i am going to learn to make teens hate Shakespeare. * When I happened to be only a baby that is little tiny ended up being for a trip with my mother that has been hijacked and landed in Cuba that will be where my dad is from. Their household came across us in the airport and fed me goat’s milk. We, needless to say, remember none of the. * we presently are now living in the Grand Canyon nationwide Park (that is in Arizona) and thus we have actually among the prettiest meters ever and certainly will actually start to see the canyon through the screen of my dorm space. * we invest an inordinate length of time part playing on a very excellent Vampire: the Requiem IRC role playing server. In order not to ever spam in what may be an inappropriate shout out loud if you dig white-wolf or V:tR then hit me personally up in PM and we also can talk in the event that you’re enthusiastic about joining.